A Brief History of my Blogs (1)

Since November 1997 I have had access to Internet, and since then my world turned in all 3 directions. Never before then, I had access to so many points of view, so much information and so many people.

My first experience with Internet was really basic, but as never before I felt the need to give out my points of view, adding information and meeting lots of people. For some years now I’ve had different weblogs/diaries hosted in so many places, sites and with different focuses.

Now that I’m older, I’m revisiting my past and I’m looking suspiciously to all these years on the Internet.

Nentou’s epoch

My first blog, created back then in 2002, was coadyuvated by the blog of the developer of mIRC. It only had two posts, one when I opened it, and one when I closed it. I never counted that blog as official and I think it was hosted in, if I’m not wrong, miarroba (when they offered hosting: 5 MB of webspace).

My second blog had to wait for a while, until I met the group of friends I’m most fond of, the Bogards. This happened on January 2003, so that I can approximately date that blog in that year. It’s name: Tamashii no Nentou (that means Tamashii’s Mind, then meaning, Soul’s Mind.)

I started this blog in a really important time of my life, when I was merely starting my studies on my University and stuff seemed really dark in my home. Fortunately and for my peace of mind, that was the place I used to vent everything. It was located in lots of servers, like Byethost and AtSpace, but thanks to a Blogspot backup I have, I could say the site it’s still safely stored, but unpublished.

That blog, as I said, was revamped several times. The first edition was really basic and I had to use several drawings I got/stole from Japanese artists that published their works on their webpages. My favorite, then, was Scrawl. Unfortunately, he’s been missing from the public light for a long time now. The last version publicly available of that phase is still stored on AtSpace, at http://tamashii.atspace.com/ (in Spanish), with a last post on November 2004.

After this published blog, there was another version of Nentou, but I haven’t been able to find it, not even in the backups of my old documents. It was dedicated to Sonic the Hedgehog, and used up one of the background that SEGA published back then as a template. I would love to find it, but to be honest I think I never uploaded it.

In the next part (yeah, I know I have left lots of topics unclosed) I’ll talk about the rebirth of my blogs and how everything builds up to my actual approaches. See you tomorrow, jungle.

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