In honorem Vir memorabilis

-In honor of an extraordinary man-

Yesterday, one of the more fabulous men in the history of personal computing has passed away. Other than Knuth, Mandelbrot and others, Steve Jobs gave computing that special touch that was lacking when it started: Creativity.

It’s not unbeknown to everyone how much of a perfectionist Jobs was, whom his closest ones always said how difficult was to handle his usual twister of emotions. His way of life forced his imagination beyond unbelievable speeds, as he was always trying to come up with better ways to launch his company, Apple, to never-thought levels of innovation, creativity and power to impulse the whole industry.

His health was diminished in the last years, which prevented him to comply his duties at Apple several times, albeit his work behind the curtains launched his enterprise in the best direction ever thought in history of computing.

To Steve Jobs, an amazing man. May his spirit keep inspiring creativity in our sciences forever.

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