Sony’s invasion

No-one can deny it.

When Sony launched their Playstation console, they purposely shaped the new generations of video games, surpassing the always classic Nintendo consoles and destroying Sega’s market hold. They both were the leaders in the home video game market. That status quo was the norm until the Playstation was born (and then Microsoft stuck his spoon there).

What else can I say: There are a lot of documentaries on it, Wikipedia pages and special features in several Internet sites.

In my case, I must confess, I love Sega’s consoles. I have a Game Gear, I have a Genesis/MegaDrive mark 1, a mark 2 y a mark 3. I have the 32X, I have a Sega Saturn and a Dreamcast. I’m really near to finishing my colection once I get a Sega CD and a Master System.

(Note: When I wrote this I didn’t have a Sega CD. Now I have, and it’s spectacular)

To those who are versed in video games, you’ll notice that I’m leaving some ones away… Yes, there is a Genesis CDX. Yes, there is a SG-1000. But, how easy is it for me to get them? Also, my first motivation to do this collection is to be able to play Sonic the Hedgehog’s games (two different topics for two different posts in the future).

However, in recent days, I decided to leave my Sega collection on standby. I could have gotten some games that I’m lacking, but no. As a change of pace, I got a Playstation Portable and a Playstation 2.

The PSP was very attractive to me, since I saw it in the hands of a college friend of mine. It was some really interesting games, the battery duration is awesome, it’s really small and swift and has a whole world of options and features.

The PS2 doesn’t need any introduction. It is turning into a classic console, even if there are new games for it being released as we speak.

But, why these two consoles? For two basic reasons: The first one, there are Sonic games for them, and I need to play them. My obsessive compulsive brain needs that.

The second one, there are some many other games that are equally interesting: The Final Fantasies for PS2, Kingdom Hearts, some japanese games for PSP (like Hatsune Miku: Project Diva) and so many more.

So, Merry Christmas, myself. I wanted to give you these two new consoles. Don’t thank me.

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