Sonic Games Collection

This page is dedicated to my Sonic game collection, and includes the completion percentage for it.


81 games of 118 total / 68.64% complete

6 games on hold for arrival

Games I have / Games I don’t have / Games on hold for arrival



The rules of the games that I’m gathering for my collection are very simple:

  1. It includes all the games where Sonic or at least one of the characters from Sonic’s world is the main character.
  2. It includes collections where Sonic’s games are added, but only if they contain Sonic’s name in the title and if it is an original name.
  3. It includes the games where other characters from other franchises are included (that includes Super Smash Bros.).
  4. It doesn’t include game bundles of games that can be had separately. (GBA and Nintendo DS bundles)
  5. It doesn’t include video cartridges. All GBA Video carts are excluded.
  6. It doesn’t include games:
    1. Played in a LCD fixed display (example, Sonic 3D Blast from Tiger Electronics)
    2. Plug and Play (bundles that you can connect directly to your TV)
    3. For Windows or any other kind of personal computer (sorry, Sonic & Knuckles Collection and Sonic 3D Blast)
    4. For cellphones (like those on Sonic Cafe or Sega Mobile)
    5. For iOS or Android
  7. It doesn’t include downloadable games, of which there’s no physical fromat.
  8. it doesn’t include all the versions (for different world regions: EU, JP, US, AU) and revisions of one particular game, except if a particular revision or version of a game contains radical changes or notable differences towards a version of the game that I can obtain easily or for less money.