A Brief History of my Blogs (end)

What a hectic weekend! Birthday parties, tasks, to-do lists… But here I’m, with my new “Getting things done”™ attitude, marking the end of this series of posts about my blogs. And now I’ll talk about the near future.

[anime_rvws] or [anime|rvws]

The original name of my blog was [anime_rvws], with that underscore in the middle of it. I have liked square brackets since I was a kid. So much that, when I was on high-school, a teacher marked a whole exam as wrong because I used brackets and not parenthesis. In a foot note, he wrote: “Only use parenthesis.” In the end, I had to complain to our school’s director, who decided that the exam was perfect.

But… Why I’m not using the whole “reviews” word? Why that underscore? I don’t know… It was a spur of the moment. Maybe it’s my way of saying “Hey, this is different… Uuuuuu~~!” Now that I think seriously about it, I get new and better ideas for my blog’s title. Now it’s too late, as for this new iteration of my blog, leaving aside all the problems that happened in the past, I’ve felt the need to change that title. It’s not a substantial or incredible change. It’s just, vertical. I changed the underscore to a vertical line (or pipe, as the Linux or Windows console connoisseurs would call it). “WOW, what a change!” you would say. And believe me, I said the same thing to myself too.

You can put lipstick on a pig…

To be honest, I liked the visual theme of [anime_rvws], it was interesting and not-too-exaggerated, however it had lots of problems. It was poorly edited, it used a lot of resources… Anyway, it had a good share of troubles. Now, I’m trying to edit a more simple and lightweight theme, that also looks nice in almost all the browsers that I have here. This process is coming to fruition really well, although I haven’t worked on it for several days. Remember, “Getting things done”™.

Reviewing “Citizen Kane”

I’m really out of shape on review writing. As matter of fact, I’ve been focused on several another activities, but my idea is to renew everything. So much, that if I had recovered my posts, I would ended up rewriting them. First post is already written… And it’s a re-review (that’s the meaning of this post section’s title) of another series, but it is because that series really deserves it. The idea is to have a post about a recent series, and another about a past season’s series, sort of intertwined, to not have the apology of “I haven’t finished downloading it!”

“That’s a terrible thought!”

And as I wrote in the last post before my previous server disappeared: “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.” I’m doing monthly backups of all data, before someone thinks of hacking me again. It’s better to be safe than safely I’m going to be hacked again.


Next month, you’ll see the new version of [anime|rvws], instead of the beautiful placeholder page I wrote for my main site. It is possible that I get a domain name very soon. What domain name should I get? Any suggestions?

I hope you liked this series of posts about my blogging life. From now on, I’ll be back to my usual schedule, to make me look smarter than I am and/or talk about my poor decision power… *tsk**tsk*

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